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    Since 2009 AJ Multimedia Studios have been leading every project that is related to Cyber Imaging’s enterprise-wide
    activities, along with providing full-service support for its subsidiary brand, Eyeweb.
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Providing cutting edge solutions is the hallmark of our success as a creative entity. We provide full- service solutions that make an impact in the digital realm.

Our Services

Website Design

We make pixel-perfect Web solutions, with responsive and unique touch

Mobile Applications

Open your digital doors to a flood of mobile traffic with smart mobile application development


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Brand Design

A well designed website lets your brand speaks for yourself.

Logo Design

At AJ Multimedia, we understand that a logo is an embodiment of a business’ values & goals

Graphic Design

Excellent graphics are an essential part of bringing a vibe of authenticity when communicating across the digital landscape.


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Cyber Imaging Systems

AJ Multimedia Studios has been in a business association with Cyber Imaging Systems since 2009. Cyber Imaging offer safety & prescription eyewear solutions on a global scale. Their services include cloud- based safety eyewear programs for multimillion dollar business & branded glasses online stores.

We offer enterprise-wide solutions to Cyber Imaging Systems involving Website Development & Maintenance, Branding, Creative Strategy, E-Marketing & a Full-Fledged Customer Service System.


Eyeweb is a subsidiary of Cyber Imaging Systems which provides eyewear via e-retail stores. It houses a wide-ranging, world-renowned brands such as 3M & Wiley X, among many others. It has online stores that operate on a 24/7 basis, all year around.

We manage all things that are digital for Eyeweb. This includes executing E-Commerce strategies, Website Branding, All-round Development, Digital Marketing Initiatives, Delivery Management & a Well- Disposed After-Sales Service.

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